People stop and stare at the flowers on the pavement,

do they whisper answers to the unimaginable horrors

Crouching down to read the cards, gently laid upon the flowers on the pavement – that once held a life cherished

Cruelly taken, bereft and broken

A purple candle flickers in the wind, still there amongst the flowers on the pavement, giving light where light was taken away

Some don’t pay heed to the flowers on the pavement, a chill blows through their bones

Flowers that will never grow, for a life we’ll never know on the pavement, bright blossoms give vivid life to cement

Flowers on the pavement, a sad and poignant statement, what it all means no one knows

Walk through the cold deserted pathways in and out of frost encrusted memory and stand by the flowers on the pavement, trying so hard not to be afraid

©John de Gruyther 2014

3 thoughts on “Flowers on the Pavement

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