The Pen

The Pen

Too long staring at a screen

By 9pm literally forcing eyes open

Can’t face the screen again, except maybe for the X-Factor or an older sibling

Turn off the phone, put the laptop down, have you ever thought of using a pen?

“A pen you say, how quaint”

You got one for your birthday,

it has ink and everything

As words flow onto a page, it hurts the head much less and frees the soul from frustration

A great idea occurred today during a game with play-doh and the gentle friend that is the pen rode into rescue the thought. Quickly jotted onto the page a sequel was made

The pen

love of your life

conqueror of the laptop, devourer of the desktop, mighty pen slash a line through twitter and tower over whatever voice happens to be on TV,

furious frantic scribbling, inevitably turned to pixels and ending up on this blog. But the simple act of the writing was ever so enlightening and it has lifted the latest fugue you were lost in.

©John de Gruyther 2014

3 thoughts on “The Pen

    • Thanks Rachael, I am happy with bits of it but struggled to find a natural flow. There are some themes I think I should have gone with more, so it may develop as time goes on 🙂
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