My illustrated story “The Days of Love and all that Followed” is moving along at a steady pace and I have now completed the first draft. I am extremely excited about this project and it should be ready to pitch to agents very soon.

And Fear would spend many nights under beds or in broom cupboards, creeping the thought of something dreadful into an innocent mind. Because the thing with Fear is that you never quite see him because he’s never quite there and he’s always ready to catch you unaware. He lurks under tables and lingers under chairs, he has a hunger for misery and an uncanny skill for backgammon and if his terrible snout gets a whiff of fun, he is there to snuff it right out

Copyright John de Gruyther 2014

4 thoughts on “The Days of Love and all that Followed

  1. This is great. Tight, concise writing. You seem to confident and in your element. Where is it going next, I wonder? And yes, I do want to know. More please! 🙂


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