Tall Man

Tall Man

Tall Man

Lives in the garden of a terrace

Old and twisted he has seen it all

Bark brown flecked ambivalence

He reaches forlornly up to the sky

Always forlornly and forever to the sky

Is he reaching for the heaven that may be there

He’s pointing to the danger

Of the ever-present stare

The tall man has stretching arms

Arms of harrowing

Arms of happening

Arms of Earth’s bountiful goodness

If only we can see it

There’s the bridge where a man nearly contemplated jumping

It was “just a crush”

Ringing in his ears

When the planet has turned to ash and grey

The tall man will be pointing sadly to a grave

Tall man

Standing in a garden terrace

His twisted fingers

Contain great knowledge

Contain terrible wisdom

Contain eternal judgement

Tall man talk to me

Shadow me from obscurity

Tall man proud in his youth

Tall man one day green shoots

Tall man will stand for eternity

Fire his only enemy

Tall man reaching up for the sky

One day he will see the end

©John de Gruyther 2014

Tall Man

Tall Man

6 thoughts on “Tall Man

  1. Very powerful writing. I love the analogy of the old man and the tree. Your repetition – ‘arms’, ‘tall man’, etc. reinforce and add structure to a strong an uncompromising message.
    I really enjoyed the style and content of this piece. I suspect, and hope, that there’s more like this ready to be expressed. 🙂


  2. Beautiful, John. I remember walking past a tree on my way to work and giving it personification. This is a character now – I’d like to meet Tall Man and hear more of his stories.


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