The Horrible Horror Poetry Competition

The Horrible Horror Poetry Competition

I have created a competition at Writer’s Café. It is just for fun and the top 5 entries get an award, no actual prizes I’m afraid. I thought in the spirit of trying new things I would give this a go, I really just want to encourage the idea of genuine community amongst writers, so this is a chance to have fun, and comment constructively on each others’ work. I have met some brilliant and talented people via the online community, people who I have collaborated with and whose opinions I value highly. I would go as far as to say that even though I have never met some of you, I regard you as friends.

My competition is “The Horrible Horror Poetry Competition” and the only guidelines are that the poems have to have a supernatural or horror element to them, other than that let your imaginations run wild.

Take some time to follow the link, share this blog with others and why not try submitting a poem.

The Horrible Horror Poetry Competition

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