Beautiful Chaos

“Don’t put my book down the toilet”

“I won’t Daddy”


“Your cereal bowl is not a drum, or a steering wheel”

“Please don’t hit your sister with your Bob the Builder Hammer”


And so the day begins

We grapple and fight

Against the oncoming day


Do we stress and toil

Instead of letting children play

Be yourself

Little ones

Little not for long

Lovely tiny faces

And imaginative brains

Just ignore adult chores

Go out and play




And beautiful chaos

I promise to down tools

And join you for a day

“Stop it, stop it”

“No the cat is not a cushion”


It’s a perfect day

©John de Gruyther 2013

10 thoughts on “Beautiful Chaos

  1. This reminds me of a poem I embroidered on wall hanging 30+ years ago. It went something like this: (Author Unknown)

    Dusting and cleaning can wait ’til tomorrow
    For babies grow up too soon to our sorrow
    So go away cobwebs, Dust go to sleep
    I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep. 🙂


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