I have interrupted my novel editing, to write this unexpected edition of “Tales From The Edge…”. The reason for the interruption apart from the fact that I don’t need much excuse to stop editing… “Oh look I’ve seen something shiny”.. Sorry about that are you still with me? Anyway the reason for the interruption is that I read a blog, by my friend in Tweetland, Lori Lesko about Indie Authors.

It is such a good piece about how we should support our fellow writers out in the indie world. Lori is forthright in her views and makes some pertinent points and it really made me stop and think. Because we really do need to support each other, we need to share each other’s work and give constructive feedback.

Why do we need to do this? Because it is how we become better writers and it is how we can support an amazing community of writers full of incredible talent and experience. As writers we should embrace that fully and after all we all value the knowledge that our work is being read and thought about.

I have been thinking for some time about how we share each others’ work and whether I engage in this effectively enough. With what time I have, I think I do ok, but I could do better. So with that in mind and inspired by Lori , the friends I have made this month through NaBloPoMo and on WordPress and Blogher, I have decided to start a regular-ish blog spot called “Meet The Author” (working title).

This new blog post will review some of my favourite books by Indie Authors and will hopefully feature some interviews with the author (hence the provisional title). I have carried out interviews before, for Star Trek Magazine, speaking with New York Times bestselling author David Mack, screenwriting veterans Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens and Alan Dean Foster (one day I will have recovered sufficiently enough to tell you about the one that got away). I have learnt a great deal speaking to these experienced writers and I have very much enjoyed the process of interviewing and then constructing an article around the interview.

I have therefore been pondering for sometime introducing an interview element to my blog but, until now, I hadn’t found the right project. It seems to me that some people in social media land “get” the etiquette of sharing and supporting and others don’t. I urge you to “get” it, because it is rewarding artistically and ultimately it is rewarding from a promotional point of view, as your work gets read by a larger audience. This can only happen though if you commit and engage to helping others.

Peace to you all and keep on sharing – John x

For More Info About Lori Lesko


Why Not Sign Up For Her Blog (I Did and It’s Great)


Why Not Purchase Her Book (I Did And I Am Going To Start Reading It Tonight) – Our Daughters


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