The blogging world is full of amazing and talented people. Since I began blogging just over a year ago, I have collaborated with Nicholas Gagnier to create a song from one of his poems, I have learnt a great deal, received constructive and supportive feedback and I have read so many fantastic pieces of writing. It has helped me to grow in confidence as a writer and allowed me to experiment and try new things, like my recent forray into short stories.

Writing a regular blog really does help to keep my “eye in” as a writer and by writing regularly it definitely helps my creative juices and it enables me to be disciplined when I am lucky enough to have an article deadline. The world of blogging also allows great creative freedom as you can trial new material and get the input of your peers. I would recommend writing a blog as an essential tool for anyone wanting to get their writing published, whether that is poetry, journalism or fiction.

For a while I have wanted to post a list of some of the blogs I love to read (in my limited spare time) and so in the spirit of NaBloPoMo here it is, my list of some of the wonderful blogs I follow. I insist that you check them out. They are funny, moving, angry, political, informative and beautiful and always wonderfully written or photographed. This is by no means an exhaustive list, I will from time to time be publishing further lists so watch this space..

Retcon Poet –


Amazing poetry from Nicholas Gagnier, he is also currently working on an album, which will contain spoken word pieces and songs and I’m really looking forward to hearing the finished work.

Rachael Charmley


Beautifully written stories. They remind me of very old folk tales and I am immediately drawn in by everything she writes.

Whatever It’s Worth –


A good mix of general everyday musings and also some politics and the history of India.

Shawn L Bird –


Teacher, author and poet. Lots of great things on Shawn’s page, amongst other things she runs workshops and offers a lot of great advice to writers. One of her Monday Memes led me to write The Oregon Joker so there is plenty of inspiration to be found on this great page.

Sleepless Dave –


A cornucopia of geeky treats, including the latest film news and reviews. Dave may not be able to sleep but he is now my go to guy for all things geek.

Catrionaiscrazy –


The madcap world of Catrionaiscrazy is hard to define in just one sentence. Let’s just say that her blogs are highly entertaining and they always pick me up when I’m having a crappy day.

Poesy Plus Polemics –


Paul Lenzi’s insightful and clever poetry is always essential reading.

Alecia Writes –


Fiction writer, she is currently a participant of NaNoWriMo 2013, so is therefore very brave and deserves our daily encouragement.

Melissa Diem –


Great poetry and stories, I particularly love Melissa’s poetry films.

Leanne Cole –


Leanne’s photography is very distinctive and her images really transport me to another place and stimulate my imagination.

Ann Johnson Murphree –


Poetry and fiction and all the latest news on Ann’s books.

Sawa Minori –


Enchanting poetry and drawings.

Violet’s Veg*n e-Comics –


Vegan themed comics and poetry. Always to the point, always charming and always funny.

There are a lot more blogs I want to recommend so I will post another list in the next week or so. I just wish I had enough time between writing and life in general to read everything.

I wanted to end the post by mentioning that it is Art Garfunkel’s birthday today. He is one of my favourite singers and if anyone was ever searching for the divine in musical form it is surely in the voice of Art Garfunkel, his performance on Bridge Over Troubled Water still sends a shiver down my spine. What a beautiful voice and a wonderful song written by the genius Paul Simon. I hope you enjoy this video and happy birthday Art.

4 thoughts on “Tales From The Edge Of My Living Room – The Wonderful Thing About Bloggers

  1. Thank you for such a diverse list! I made it a point to participate in NaBloPoMo last month and this and now I am also participating in NaNoWriMo, so fingers crossed. I met the greatest bloggers last month and am looking forward to finding some new ones this month! I just adore all the talent and fun I see every night. My night time blog reads are my relaxing way to end the day. Feel free to stop by at http://lovelytl33.blogspot.com/


  2. Thank you for your inspiring post! I have been blogging only for two months, and I have met some immensely talented, sensitive and creative people. So glad to be here.


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