As I sit at my desk waiting for the St. Jude storm to hit last week’s sunny weather seems like a distant memory. St. Jude is the saint of lost causes and I often think that the people who name storms and hurricanes have a dark sense of humour. Usually they tend to give them friendly names like hurricane ralph, as if someone called Ralph would never chuck a tree through your roof. But I think with St. Jude they have surpassed themselves and it seems like an attempt at irony from the bored person at the Met office whose job it is to come up with these names. “He he ha ha, I’ve got a great idea, why not St. Jude the saint of lost causes because the chances of your fence surviving the night is what I call a lost cause” I would have gone for something a bit more obscure like Storm Gerald or Almost A Hurricane Jeff but you can’t have everything.

As always I have several writing projects on the go, I am still busy writing my novel The Paisley Soul of A Stricken Man and my recent purchase of Scrivener is really helping me nail down the plot development and keep track of continuity. It is a handy piece of software and I highly recommend it. I have planned out my new short story A Cornish Tale and I hope to have the first part online tomorrow and in the next couple of months it should appear alongside The Oregon Joker in e-book format along with additional scenes.

I thought I would also share with you some poems/songs that are still marked work in progress;

Bedside Oblivion

For the first time in our lives

I don’t know where you are

I sit at the table cold and gray

My footsteps round the house

Echo hollow and allow

My thoughts a silent refrain

The absence of your voice

The biggest regret

The simplicity of sound that is love

And I know I need a helping hand

On the rocks of my bedside oblivion


No Excuses

I’m fed up standing still

Dreaming about what I might do

I need to do it

Rage against the passive nothing

No Excuses

Just do the thing you can create

What’s the use in standing still


And finally my latest Star Trek feature will appear in issue 47 (UK) or 174 (US) and features an interview with Star Trek novelist David Mack. It is available from 31st October and the good people at Titan Magazines have even featured some information about the article on their website.


Good night and hopefully see you back here tomorrow with Part One of A Cornish Tale.

©John de Gruyther 2013

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