It has been a hectic few days, I have finished my latest Star Trek feature and it has made its way over to the editor’s office. The editing and frantic last-minute changes had me working until 1am and after a final tidy up this morning I was brave and pressed the send button. I am really happy with the piece and it features an interview with the lovely Judy and Gar Reeves-Stevens, they have done some great stuff and I was delighted that they agreed to answer some questions about the process of writing in the Trek universe. They wrote one of my favourite episodes of Enterprise, “The Observer Effect” and they also acted as producers on the show, so they certainly know their stuff. Hopefully I will have more news about the article once the publishing date is confirmed.

Last night in a break from Star Trek, I contributed to Shawn L. Bird’s Monday Meme and wrote a short story called “The Oregon Joker”. I have had some really positive feedback about the story and thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read it and ask me what happens next. It was created in a moment of spontaneity, meant to be a one-off short, but because of the enthusiasm for the story I have decided that “The Oregon Joker” does indeed live again and I have started to write Part 2. It should hopefully appear online later this week. Also check out Shawn’s site http://shawnbird.com/ It is full of great writing.

Stat Attack – Thanks to everyone who read my Ray Davies review, I have had a huge amount of visits to my blog checking out my review and also spending some time looking at other articles. I was startled yesterday when reviewing my daily stats and it would seem I have the lovely people at KindaKinks to thank for the upsurge in traffic as they posted a link to my review on their site. Thanks guys and I recommend checking out their site for all the latest news on Ray Davies http://www.kindakinks.net/news-rumors.php And for all you fans of The Kinks, I recommend you keep reading my site as I will be reviewing “Low Budget”, “Give The People What They Want” and “State of Confusion” as part of my Delayed Perspective series. These reviews should be appearing in the next few weeks, so stay tuned……

Ray Davies


The Oregon Joker


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