I become so jaded
With opposing points of view
Stifled by your decadence
And your different shades of truth

You’ve always acted innocence
But I can see beyond your eyes
Impromptu sins of reverence
Cut through the bonds that tie

So don’t let me down

The knife of pure ambition
Will cut an edge around your soul
Confused by expectations
When so very far from home

So don’t let me down

And do heart breakers make it
Do they even have a life
So you run run run
From the will that can’t be won
Ignoring all the vices that you’ve accrued

I’ve become so burdened
By the value of my loss
Conductive shades of turmoil
Undo what can’t be crossed

So don’t let me down
So don’t let me down

By de Gruyther & Whittard copyright 2013

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