The Paisley Soul Of A Stricken Man – A short excerpt from my novel;

“The little memories of what he did on that morning are a creation I have made over the years to make dealing with my families’ reaction to his loss more bearable. We all grieve differently and my way was to try and stay calm in the chaos around me. My calmness unfortunately developed into an emotional detachment but I was barely clinging on when it happened. So I just did what I found natural to me, I did anything I could to cope, not just with the loss of Granddad but with the madness that had descended on my family. As a family group we seem to be self-indulgent grievers, all full of self-pity, accusations and re-criminations. Or maybe this is what grief is like, unfathomable and chaotic and my problem is that I always want to fix things. That’s my role within the family, the fixer, the diplomat extraordinaire.”

©John de Gruyther 2013

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