We must talk about depression and suicide to break the taboo that surrounds it. Even though I have experienced these things at close hand within my family it still remains a difficult subject to approach and a cloud lingers over all of us.

I try to talk openly about my experiences with people and share my thoughts with you here, I think it helps break down the barriers and it helps me.

This piece is a reflection on guilt for those left behind, lost opportunity and hope. I am currently in the process of using these words as a basis for a song, so I will share that with you once I have finished it. This poem is in memory of an old school friend.

The Girl Next Door

Just a boy

With the girl next door

But over the years

Didn’t notice that the sun shines on

He felt cold

He felt lost

He couldn’t remember why the sun shines on

Just a boy

With light in his eyes

A mop of hair

Just a beautiful man

But now the light is gone

Now the light is gone

Now the light is gone

Don’t let the sun shine on

What if I’d been there

To take the call

To light a candle

And help the flame burn on

A lovely boy

With the girl next door

Rest my friend

As the civil wind tolls

But still the sun shines on

We get up, go to work

Let’s talk a while

I will show you your worth

Just a boy

With his girl next door

With a baby in their arms

As the sun dies on

With the girl next door

With the girl next door

With the girl next door

©John de Gruyther 2013

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