I have done a lot of looking back this week, something that as a rule I do not like to do. I generally don’t go to re-unions and get an uncomfortable melancholy just looking at photographs from my youth. I think for me this is to do with having children, they grow up and change so fast you have no time to take a pause and I think partly it is to do with putting up barriers in my mind to certain occurrences or emotions from the past.

I think all humans do this to some extent to protect themselves from traumatic events or just times you would rather forget, like most of my teenage years. Because I had a tragic haircut and acted like a dick most of the time. And this is another reason I don’t like to look back because for some people I will forever be the slightly socially inadequate 16-year-old and they aren’t prepared to let me forget that. My solution to this is to never go back. I am what I am today and to a large extent that is all that matters.

So whilst I tend to agree with Bob Dylan that you “Don’t Look Back” I am occasionally up for a bit of a stroll down memory lane. Which brings me to the reason I have spent some of this week looking back to the past, on Sunday it was my 12 year wedding anniversary. Luckily my wife and I have similar attitudes to life and it didn’t even occur to us to look at any of our wedding photographs. We did enjoy marking the occasion with a bottle of wine and a few episodes of House M.D. (Our rock and roll excesses would put Keith Moon to shame)

The other things that have been causing my mind to take a backward glance are a couple of projects I am working on. My novel deals with some fictionalised elements of my past and thanks to my brother it now has a title “The Paisley Soul Of A Stricken Man”, cheers Jim.

The second project is the 10th Anniversary of my debut E.P “Liquorice Tone”. This record was written and recorded with my good friend and musical partner Dan and next year it is ten years old. This has set me thinking of how we will mark the occasion, it will almost certainly involve us playing the record live and I have a few other ideas that I am trying to put together at the moment to make it a really special occasion. I will post more details as things take shape on this front. In the meantime I have posted a track from the E.P below, I hope you enjoy it.

Let me know what projects you are currently working on, what you think of my novel title and anything else you might care to share. I’d love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Tales From The Edge Of My Living Room – Don’t Look Back

    • Thank you, I think the title is different but very relevant to the main character in the story. I am glad you like the song It is one of my favourite songs that I have been involved with and will always had special memories for me. All recorded in my friend’s bedroom 🙂


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