Well it has been an action packed week and quite often not in a good way. It has left me anxious, a little fretful and behind in some of my planned work for the week. On the plus side I have made good progress with the plotting and planning for my novel and have entered a couple of poetry competitions.

I have also discussed a further collaboration with my friend Nicholas Gagnier AKA Retcon Poet, who is planning an album. He has great plans and the work he has sent me so far is fantastic. Also this year I expect to be involved in writing music for a play and finishing the first draft of a sitcom I am writing with my brother. Sometimes I think that I should put one or two of these projects aside and concentrate on one but I really enjoy the challenge of having multiple projects.

What is your preference. Do you like to work on just one thing at a time or do you like to juggle many balls at once? Share your views in the comments section, I love to hear from you.


Delayed Perspective

Instead of a Sighvidpicx1

I am hoping to write a Delayed Perspective or two in the next couple of weeks with the likely subjects being Bruce Springsteen’s “The Ghost of Tom Joad” and the biography of the late great Deforest Kelley.

I have a few articles and pitches that are quickly approaching being overdue so I will leave you with an excerpt from a little ditty I wrote in 2010. I have never been fully satisfied with it as a song so it may be re-worked at some point into another melody or a poem;

The Sorrow

The Voices seem the same
But the image that remains
is just an echo of the lives that we

The terms you can’t sustain
for the image you maintain
just a mirage for the lies that you begot

But the sorrow remains

Through the streets and through the crowds
will we find our way back out
And somewhere down memory lane
will we find ourselves again

Though the words may seem the same
the suspicion that remains
Is this the only life we’ve got?

But the sorrow remains

©John de Gruyther 2013

Wishing you all a great weekend with plenty of peace and love.

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