Smile or Frown

Home For Bats” by John de Gruyther

In a feature, I have imaginatively called “Poem of The Week”, I hope to share with you my favourite poems. I am not a literary critic so I will not try to analyse them but just let the verses speak for themselves.

I believe a poem is intensely personal to each individual and whilst it is interesting to know what motivated the author, I think it is much better to just feel the words.

This week I have chosen “What It Is” by Erich Fried or “Was es ist” in its original German. This is a poem I discovered for the first time this week and I think it is rather splendid.

I love the image of all these feelings and emotions having a conversation with each other and love ultimately being the voice who counsels peace and understanding, with its simple mantra “It is what it is”

What It Is by Erich Fried

Was es ist

Rationality says it’s nonsense

Love says it is what it is

Reckoning says it’s doom

Fear says it’s nothing but sorrow

Sense says it’s hopeless

Love says it is what it is

Pride says it’s ridiculous

Caution says it’s reckless

Experience says it’s not practical

Love says it is what it is

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