Last week I fell into a conversation online with Nicholas Gagnier, a poet and co-founder of a suicide prevention project in Canada. I offered to put one of his poems to music, which I have now done. The song is called Cold Snap Dawn and I wanted to put it to music as soon as I read it because the words really spoke to me and I could hear in my head how it would sound as a song before I even picked up a guitar.

The work that Nicholas does with his project, Good Morning Bedtime Story, is vital because it treats depression and mental illness with compassion but also with positivity and love, trying to harness the power of creativity to give people hope. It feels like we are still so far off from facing up to depression. It is still taboo and we do not talk about it openly enough. But by talking about it more and by showing love and understanding to one another it can help increase people’s awareness and to challenge pre-conceptions. I have created a video to go with the song. I hope you enjoy it and also pop by to visit Nicholas’s blog Retcon Poet as well as leaving any comments you have for me below.

I’m not sure what is next for the song, I have posted this video using the first demo I did for it and I may re-record it at some point in a more finished format but I kind of like the sound of this version. I may also make it available for download but for now I hope you enjoy it how it is.

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