I recently posted on a well known social networking site the above question and got a lot of amusing responses. The best ones were around whether technology is taking something away from us, are we losing some ineffable pleasures as we become more and more reliant and addicted to gadgets and gizmos?

What do you think? Kindles* or Books? Or can both exist harmoniously alongside one another?


*Other brands of e-readers are available.

5 thoughts on “To Kindle Or Not To Kindle That Is The Question?

    • I agree, I got one yesterday and I think it is excellent. I do quite a bit of research so thought on a practical level it will save me some space. I will still always go to the library though and get real books but I think it is a good use of technology 🙂


  1. I’ll have to go with smelly old books, as you can at least read what you want without everyone knowing about it (unless you happen to write about all you read)…


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