Dear Reader,

The World Outside the Window has a new home page, please feel free to hop on over to it and give it a like. I have been doing some website house-keeping and reflecting as the site heads deep into its sixth year. I wanted to say a special thanks to all that follow, comment and read, it is much appreciated. There are a select band of you that have been following from day one and you dear few have seen the site and my writing evolve and change over the years. I have achieved things I never imagined possible, a regular column for Star Trek Magazine is just a crazy thing to think about, finally releasing an eBook and performing my poetry live for the first time are other highlights, all these things have in no small part happened because of you, so thank you. Your encouragements, your feedback and your friendship has inspired me to try new things and to keep going.

The World Outside changed direction slightly a couple of years ago when I decided the site should operate more like a magazine with overtly geeky overtones. I wanted to produce good quality content as well as using the site to showcase what projects I have been working on. I also wanted to broaden the sites’ appeal and play to my strengths by exploring geek culture. I have conducted interviews with best selling authors and guest blogged for other major sites and this is something I am looking to build on with the next phase of the website. Either this year or early 2019 I will be independently publishing my first novel Aardvark Tales and as we go forward I am looking to be able to pay writers to contribute to the site with a focus on journalism.

I have started my next children’s novel Erik and I am seeking agent representation for this and I am in the early days of exploring this. I continue to write freelance articles when the mood takes me but I am increasingly focussed on fiction and poetry. I will be hosting a regular spoken word event locally and I am assisting with a photography and poetry project being run in schools. So busy and exciting times.

Check out the new home page and give me a like if you are feeling generous.

Much Love,


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