“Erik had a secret. He had a friend. But not just any old friend. This friend was human, and this sort of interaction was banned by the Dragon Council. No dragons had actually been exiled for breaking this law, no since Darwin the Devious in 1807, but it was taboo and could cause a dragon to be ostracised if proven.

Erik loved his friend though and the boy would tell him fascinating things about human culture, like what school was like and television and comic books. The boy also brought Erik his favourite sweets, liquorice bootlaces. In return Erik would tell the boy about Dragon kind.

It had been a shock for the boy when he first noticed Erik as humans were supposed to be so self-occupied that they didn’t notice the dragons wandering about and living among them. But the boy was different, intuitive, thoughtful and kind. Erik had been told that humans were inadaptable and inefficient but the boy, Erik’s friend, was special. Erik had started to wonder if there was more all humans in general.”

Copyright John de Gruyther 2018

Erik – Coming Soon

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