Dedicated to my Nans, Patricia and Geraldine. I still see you, love John.


Muddy car park, weather mild, murky memories betraying a mind once so reliable, now so wild

Given a simple instruction

“Wait there.”

But her brain, athletic when it wants to be, connects with the green beside her



ringing out triumphantly

“I press leaves.” She says to herself.   A memory she found lurking on a dusty old shelf.

From the car her grandson mutters, “please don’t fall, I said wait there.”

Then remembering to be intrigued, he said out loud.

“That’s interesting. Her worry is temporarily relieved.”

Helping her into the car he asks, matter of fact.

“What’s that Nan?”

“I press leaves.”


Ivy, a moment is shared. This the most sacred moment of the day.

Copyright John de Gruyther 2017


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