A short extract from my new book “Erik”.

“This problem is of the humans own making. I say let them rot.” Said Gruffus.

Mercoss studied the circle of dragons that had gathered for this council meeting. Although he was a country dragon he had some sympathy for the city dragons’ argument.

“I think we should hear the half-breeds plan.” He growled softly staring straight at Erik.

The tiny dragon stepped nervously into the circle and cleared his throat. This was his chance to save human kind.

Copyright John de Gruyther 2017

Aardvark Tales is coming along nicely and the text should be finished soon. My daughter is creating some brilliant illustrations and I’m excited to share them with everyone very soon.

A paperback will then be available containing the first part and it’s concluding parts, making it my first novella. I’m working on the publishing deal and will announce news once things are more concrete.

Once Aardvark is completed work will begin in earnest on Erik. A tale of a small dragon living in the city amongst humans. His mother was a crocodile and his father a northern blue and he becomes the unlikeliest of heroes at the heart of a battle to save human kind from their greatest enemy, themselves.

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